M83 returning with new releases

    French electro-whiz Anthony Gonzalez, now the lone member of M83, will be bringing more music your way both this year and next year. The first of the two releases won’t technically be new. It will be the digital re-release of M83’s 2006 work “Digital Shades Vol. 1,” which Gonzalez made with Antoine Gaillet back when Gaillet was still a part of the band. There will be an online listening party and Q&A session with Gonzalez on Monday, August 27, that fans can access by registering at M83’s website.
    As for the actual new stuff, Gonzalez is finishing up the next M83 album, which he hopes to have out some time early next year. Lending a hand in the recording process of the new album are Ewan Pearson, who has worked with the Rapture and Ladytron, and Ken Thomas, who has worked with Sigur Ros.