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M83 and Tarsem Do Palm Pre Commercial (Video)


A lot of M83's better songs are soundtrack ready, so in some respects, it's kind of weird that it's taken this long for his excellent "Lower Your Eyelids to Die with the Sun" (from Before the Dawn Heals Us) to end up in an ad. And this one is a doozy; it's directed by famed Indian director Tarsem and it features choreographed dancers acting as the center button for a woman's Palm Pre. Part of me wants to keep watching this again and again, but I'm afraid at some point there'll be a subliminal message and I'll end up with 15 Palm Pres. [via Stereogum]

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you want to watch it again and again because it has a subliminal.

the circles...are the flower of life...
and ancient symbol said to awaken certain dormant aspects of human brains...

drunvalo meldechic or something or the other, his name is the devil, has written extensively on it....its relevant to sacred geometry.

Alexis Badillo

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