M.I.A. Shares New Song “GOALS” For Her Hardcore Fans

    She credits her fans for giving her "faith in humanity"

    British rapper, singer-songwriter, and activist M.I.A. has shared a new song entitled “GOALS.” It was produced by Branko, who worked on her last album, AIM. With the song, she shared a note thanking her fans, “DEDICATED TO MY HARDCORE FANS THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNFALTERING DEDICATION AND SUPPORT. YOU HAVE GIVEN ME A SLIVER OF HOPE IN HUMANITY.” The note also encourages fans to “PLEASE VOTE,” presumably in the upcoming United Kingdom general election.

    “GOALS” is built around a minimal electronic beat and bouncy, reverb-blurred midi melodies, providing a moody backdrop to M.I.A.’s feathery vocals. “Relationship goals are you and me / Fighting H-A-T-E with L-O-V-E,” she sings with a lighthearted warrior spin. The electronic beat grows with glitchy percussion shaking and pulsing. “GOALS” features a modest hook, “Pick up your receiver, I’ll make you a believer.”

    The song also comes equipped with a visual slideshow of giffs by artist Jaime Martinez. It features photos of M.I.A. performing and interacting with her audience. In the video description, M.I.A. writes: “Exhibition of jaime martinez giffs will be on display from 9th till the 18th Southbank Center London.” Additionally, she gives a shoutout to “REALITY WINNERZ,” which is a likely reference the Veteran who leaked classified material to a news outlet.

    Though M.I.A. hinted that her last album would be her final one, this is the second new song from the artist this year. Back in February, she shared the upbeat, percussion-heavy song, “P.O.W.A.” She is also curating this year’s edition of Meltdown in London. The festival will features several artists, such as Crystal Castles, Giggs, Young M.A., Mykki Blanco, and Princess Nokia. While there is no indication yet that “P.O.W.A” or “GOALS” will be on a forthcoming new album, it does seems safe to say that M.I.A. is not done making music.