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Lupe Fiasco Tweets Title of Upcoming Album, <i>We Are Lasers</i>

Microblogging hopefully isn't the future of artist to fan communicating, but it's definitely asserting its place in the present. Case in point: over the weekend Lupe Fiasco tweeted that his upcoming album would be called We Are Lasers , apparently ditching the concept of LupEND , his three-disc concept album.


According to one of Fiasco's tweets, "We Are Lasers...comes from some repressed highschool outcast shit...blended amidst And He Gets The Girl ambitions," so it's something of a bildungsroman then? Frequent Fiasco collaborator Soundtrakk will likely helm the album's production. Also, if you care about this sort of thing, it looks like Lupe is going to see The Prodigy in New York on March 26. The age of oversharing indeed.

[ HipHopDX ]

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Lupe Fiasco

I'm kind of glad he's ditching the three disc album thing. Can't imagine anyone making that much decent music for one album.

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^ r u crazy?!?! LupEND is still coming, and it will be classic. any artist could put together a 3 disc album, sh!t what if detox had 3 discs? it be sick... lupe's dropping 2 albums, so he gets off his contract with atlantic, and then he'z dropping lupEND..the greatest album of all time...peace


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