Lupe Fiasco Still Making ‘Food & Liquor 2’ For His “Nerdy” Fans

    If you heard Lupe Fiasco’s recently released third album, Lasers, and were left wanting more of what he brought forth on his debut, Food & Liquor, you might just be in luck. In an interview with JAMZ 96.3’s Scott Radio, the rapper explained that he’s working on a lot of material in between touring the country. Lupe’s punk-leaning side project, Japanese Cartoon, is apparently still on the table and he’s also recording another mixtape. Could he be referring to the canceled Fear of the People project?


    The Chicago MC has plans to drop a sequel to his debut, too. Food & Liquor 2 is “dedicated to the nerdy Lupe Fiasco fans out there,” he said, adding that it means we will hear more metaphors and concept songs. When the album will actually be released remains to be seen, but we will keep you updated.


    Listen to the interview below.



    [The LupE.N.D. Blog]