Luke Steele of Empire of the Suns Says Bandmate Has Totally “Disappeared”

    In an interview to promote Empire of the Sun’s first ever live performances, Empire of the Sun’s Luke Steele told ABC that his bandmate, Nick Littlemore, has “disappeared,” claiming that he hasn’t seen or talked to him in more than five months. 

    “He disappeared about five months ago and I haven’t really heard from him,” Steele said. “Last I heard he’s in Canada and then he’s in Vegas. [But] as my dad always says, you’ve got to keep the show on the road.”


    Littlemore, who also fronts Pnau, hasn’t appeared in either of Empire Of The Sun’s last two videos, ‘Standing On the Shore’ and ‘Without You’ When asked if Littlemore was still in the band, Steele’s response was: “I really don’t know. He’s just left me with the baby.”

    It’s a pretty nutty story. Like, they’re in this band, they both work on the project, and one of them just straight up disappears? And isn’t involved in touring or videos? Sounds like they’re broken up to me. [NME]