LP Matrix Message Collection Provides Showcase For Weird Al And The Smiths

    Many bands put a little message in the matrix, or run-off groove, of their vinyl albums. The short sayings can be used to signify pressings and editions, or simply as a place for the band to showcase a few inside jokes. Public Collectors has compiled a list of what’s written on albums ranging from Neil Young’s Tonight’s The Night and Sandinista! by the Clash to a 7″ by a band called Tit Wrench. As the list is being put together by user submissions, some artists have a greater presence than others. The big winners so far are the Smiths and Weird Al Yankovic. Go here to see the list, find out how much somebody loves Morrissey and Weird Al, and find out what Tit Wrench considers to be a joke. [The Daily Swarm]