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Louisville Promoter Suing Wu-Tang Over RZA No-Show

If you've seen Wu-Tang Clan on their recent tour, you've probably been disappointed that the whole posse hasn't been out: At various points, Method Man and Raekwon have dropped in and out of the tour, and RZA hasn't been around at all. Apparently a Louisville promoter was promised a RZA appearance when the Wu hit Louisville on Jan. 5, and now he's suing the Wu-Tang Clan for damages, claiming that RZA is the "group's most popular member and the biggest crowd draw," which is hilarious, being that RZA hardly raps on the stuff the Wu actually does in concert (they stick to solo cuts and Enter the 36 Chambers, mostly). The promoter is seeking unspecified damages for breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation. [CNS]

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Wu-Tang Clan

Ridiculous… Rittz is def climbing legit status. White Jesus is a really good mixtape and the video is nothing to wag a stick at either.

Check it out:

Cant Stop My Grind

^ stop your grind, please.


For real, we posted Rittz's tape, haha.

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