‘Louie’ Music Coordinator Speaks About Working With Louis C.K.

    Matt Kilmer, the music coordinator for Louis C.K.’s hit comedy Louie, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about his work on the FX series. Kilmer was first introduced to C.K. through a mutual friend and kept the job after completing the music for the first season in a week and a half.

    In the interview Kilmer explains that his job on the show is mostly collaborative between his band members and also C.K. himself.  “I have a great community of musicians to work with here in Brooklyn and Manhattan,” explains Kilmer, who records the music for Louie in several different New York studios.

    Kilmer also identified some of the influences that C.K. provided for the show, including the soundtracks to Rocky and Dirty Harry. “Louis knows what he wants, and that is a real pleasure to work with. He also has a way of expressing what he wants in very nonmusical terms that also makes sense to musicians,” Kilmer said of the popular comedian.

    Louie is just finishing its third season on FX and has been renewed for a fourth season for next year.