Lou Reed’s Free Jazz Gets Hostile Reception In Montreal

    There must have been something in the water this past weekend—first LCD Soundsytem were subjected to a spate of bottle throwing in London, and now comes a report that Lou Reed received a less than kind welcome at a show for the Montreal International Jazz Festival.


    Reed subjected the crowd to some of his free jazz work, which he performed in collaboration with Laurie Anderson and John Zorn on Friday night. “If you don’t think it’s music, then get the fuck outta here,” said Zorn from the stage, after the band was met with vocal brickbats from the crowd.


    The former Velvet underground singer had warned that the set would be improvised and was going to be a “fearless night of non-rock,” but as some people paid close to $100 for the pleasure, it’s not surprising that audience members felt like voicing their complaints. “It was pure elitist, pretentious rubbish,” said one audience member that the Montreal Gazette spoke with after the show.


    [via The Guardian]