Lou Reed records with the Killers, Brandon Flowers’ already over-inflated head explodes

    Lou ReedBecause the Killers are already being inundated with not entirely warranted praise for their particular brand of fun if wholly frivolous grando-rock, we thought we’d mention that “ultimate hipster” Lou Reed recently recorded a duet with Brandon Flowers. The song they hooked up on is “Tranquilize” (Ol’ Lou certainly knows something about that subject) from the band’s upcoming B-sides comp. Although it may not end up being Reed’s most unpleasant collaboration, at the least it certainly breaks with his recent trend towards big-upping artists that, well, kinda sound just like him.
    But let’s all admit that the weightiest feather in the Killers’ cap is the news that Paul Anka has all big-banded up “Mr. Brightside” on his latest covers disc. Masochists can check Stereogum for the link.
    Killers to Collaborate with Lou Reed, Avoid Saying Ridiculous Things to the Press [Rolling Stone]