Lou Reed And Metallica’s ‘Lulu’ Streaming In Full

    Lou Reed and Metallica’s Lulu has leaked, so in a swift bid to quash piracy the album is now streaming in full for a limited time over at this site. We’ve been teased by preview tracks, 30-second snippets of songs and even a promise of live shows, but now Lulu can finally be heard in its entirety. Anyone hoping they will play these tracks live should check out the Nov. 8 edition of Jools Holland’s show, where Loutallica will give a few of the songs an airing. The record is officially released on Nov. 1, and the track listing looks like this:

    1. Brandenburg Gate
    2. The View
    3. Pumping Blood
    4. Mistress Dread
    5. Iced Honey
    6. Cheat On Me
    7. Frustration
    8. Little Dog
    9. Dragon
    10. Junior Dad