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Lost Jimi Hendrix album found, Graham Nash casually remarks

Talk about burying the lede. In a Jimi Hendrix album">Las Vegas Sun interview with Graham Nash , Nash discussed his former bandmates' current projects. This little nugget was hidden nearly at the end of the article:

• And a box set for Stills. “He has an enormous history of recording,” Nash says. “In the ’70s, he was a recording fool. He just found a bloody album he made with (Jimi) Hendrix.

While not emphasized in the Sun. the revelation of a lost Hendrix recording has sent the music world into a frenzy. The recording was apparently made in 1970, not long before Hendrix died. Nash is currently working on cleaning up the Stills/Hendrix recordings for an eventual release. This news is somehow much more satisfying than the 237th unreleased Tupac album.


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Crosby Stills and Nash
Jimi Hendrix
Stephen Stills

Lost Jimi Hendrix Album Found By Stephen Stills
I wonder who the bass player was…..
Well actually it was Calvin (Fuzzy) Samuels !

Just thought everyone should know.

Thanks, Jimi

Jim Flickinger

i really hope that it gets released mainly because it will put hendrix back in a wider public eye.
being 16 not many of my friends really know of him, that annoys me soo much!!

ben estherby

hey jimmi ;)


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