Lorde’s “Green Light” Gets Funk Treatment From Chromeo

    Back in March, Lorde shared her highly-anticipated single, “Green Light,” from the New Zealand singer-songwriter’s sophomore album, Melodrama. It came equipped with a liberating and vibrant video directed by Grant Singer. The single marked an uptick in energy and life in her material since 2013’s Pure Heroine.

    Now, Lorde has teamed up with Chromeo for a fleshed-out funk remix of her animated single. The Canadian electro-funk duo took an already-upbeat song and made it even more outgoing. Bass guitar notes slap silky funk melodies. Four-on-the-floor kick drums march forward with Daft Punk-esque snares popping in rhythm. Robotic vocoders provide backing vocals for Lorde, adding to the vintage feel of the remix. Lorde’s vocals are basically left as they were in the original — most of what has changed is the instrumental backing her powerful voice. Instead of tumbling drums, stadium claps, and pop-centric piano chord progressions, she is singing overtop of what sounds like a contemporary, feel-good Funkadelic track.

    In addition to sharing the Melodrama single, “Green Light,” Lorde unveiled another new song back in March, “Liability.” It stands in sharp contrast to the upbeat energy of “Green Light.” “So they pull back, make other plans / I understand, I’m a liability,” she sings on the ballad. It’s far more sullen and pensive. She performed both songs on Saturday Night Live.

    Before Melodrama’s announcement, Lorde shared an intimate note on the eve of her 20th birthday, writing, “I want nothing more than to spill my guts RIGHT NOW about the whole thing.” She also called the lyrics on her new album “the best I’ve written in my life.” The LP will drop on June 16th.

    While we wait for Melodrama to come out, Chromeo’s electro-funk remix of “Green Light” is sure to be a party anthem for this summer. You can pre-order Lorde’s forthcoming LP here.

    Melodrama Tracklist:
    01. Green Light
    02. Sober
    03. Homemade Dynamite
    04. The Louvre
    05. Liability
    06. Hard Feelings/Loveless
    07. Sober II (Melodrama)
    08. Writer in the Dark
    09. Supercut
    10. Liability (Reprise)
    11. Perfect Places