Lorde Hits It Off with Smoothie Cashier, Invites Her to Governors Ball

    Lorde went to Liquiteria for a smoothie, and came out with a Governors Ball date.

    Credit: Annette Geneva - Creative Commons

    Anyone who’s worked a minimum-wage service job knows the experience can be an excruciating one: The hours drag on with merciless slowness, and you can’t help but fill in the intervals by occupying your imagination with dreamy far-fetched scenarios.

    One such daydream might, for example, involve befriending a famous person after you take their smoothie order.

    However, in the case of Ayesha Mangú, a cashier at Liquiteria in NYC, this scenario was no fantasy.

    In the middle of an otherwise ordinary shift, New Zealand pop superstar Lorde happened to stroll into Liquiteria for a refreshing Blue Velvet while Mangú was on the clock. Gushing with excitement, the juice bar worker issued a video tweet, panning anxiously to her surprise visitor while announcing, “We got Lorde in the house today!”

    The Liquiteria employee, who was new on the job, received a mind-blowing direct message on Twitter following the transaction. Lorde, who’s scheduled to perform at Governors Ball on June 2, invited her fan to accompany her to the Randall’s Island Park festival this year.

    Needless to say, Twitter has erupted over this encounter in praise—and, let’s be honest, probably some jealousy—of Ayesha.

    The smoothie date comes on the heels of a freshly released Chromeo remix of Lorde’s latest single, “Green Light.” The original track, which was released back in March, was released in addition to the promotional single, “Liability,” as the first glimpse of her forthcoming third album, Melodrama, due June 16.

    It’s expected that Lorde will release a final single to precede Melodrama this Friday, as was implied by an enigmatic Twitter message sent out the same day as the cashier’s lucky visit.

    Presuming the date and time displayed in the tweet does indeed mean a follow-up to “Green Light,” it will mark the fifth taste the Grammy-winning artist has shared, including “Sober” and “Homemade Dynamite,” two tracks that, to date, have only been performed live.

    Watch Lorde perform Melodrama‘s “Green Light” at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards below.