Look For Creepy ‘Alien’ Test Footage On The ‘Prometheus’ DVD

    For years leading up to the release of Ridley Scott’s sci-fi thriller Prometheus, the director and other members of the production crew vehemently denied that they were making a prequel to their 1979 classic Alien. The buzz was that what began as an attempt to tell that movie and its subsequent sequels’ backstory simply evolved into a completely different film. 

    Of course, anyone who’s seen Prometheus knows that it isn’t really the case. While there’s plenty of room available for interpretation (and while later installments might shed more light on the connection between the pictures), it’s pretty clear that the events of Prometheus are closely connected to Alien

    If you want evidence to back up that claim, look no further than the special features for the DVD release of Prometheus, which is due out on Oct. 9. One juicy tidbit, according to IndieWire, is a video that’s been bouncing around the internet all year — test footage of actor Bolaji Badego prowling around the film set in part of the xenomorph costume. It’s creepy and unsettling, just like the rest of both films. Check it out below.