Long Blondes guitarist trying out new robo-glove

    Former Long Blondes guitarist Dorian Cox is set to become part man, part machine in an attempt to overcome the debilitating stroke that struck him down earlier this year. Cox has been unable to play guitar since suffering the stroke in June, and is trying out a mechanical glove to help him return to the instrument.

    The SaeboFlex looks like something straight out of a sci-fi film, and is designed to support the wrist, hands and fingers. “It’s a fantastic service, it’s helping tremendously and I think it can work wonders for me and others. It’s almost like a gym for my hand,” Cox told U.K. newspaper the Daily Telegraph.

    Cox isn’t getting over-excited about his chances of making a full return to playing, saying: "I know things might never be the same again and nobody can give me a definite answer about whether I’ll play guitar again, but I’m getting back on track with their help." The Long Blondes split up shortly after Cox’s stroke, and it’s thought that singer Kate Jackson is planning a solo record in the not-too distant future. [Gigwise]