Lonely Island Sued Over “Shy Ronnie” And “Like A Boss”

    Apparently fake rap groups are susceptible to the same problems as real rap groups: Lonely Island are being sued for two of their viral hits, as two beatmakers are saying the group stole the basis of their songs to make “Like a Boss” and “Shy Ronnie.” 

    According to the suit, Rick Tha Ruler and Monique Hinds say they made two songs, and they had connections to Samberg through a third party, who forwarded the music on to the comedian. But after Lonely Island’s album came out, Tha Ruler and Hinds never got any credit for their songs, which were turned into “Shy Ronnie” and “Like a Boss.” Ruler says he signed a production declaration form back before the first album came out, but he was entitled to only 25 percent of the profits, and he still hasn’t gotten any money from that.  

    Hinds and Tha Ruler are suing NBC, SNL and Universal Music Group, in addition to Lonely Island. They’re seeking unspecified damages. Here’s “Like A Boss,” for old time’s sake. [DS]