London Movie Theater Hires Ninjas To Control Rude Viewers

    Forget those pre-movie ads imploring audience members to silence their cell phones. A London movie theater just has ninjas ambush impolite spectators.

    Gawker reports that the Prince Charles Cinema in London’s Leicester Square hires “cinema ninjas” to wear black Morphsuits and surprise viewers caught doing rude things like talking on their cell phones. Their payment? They get to watch movies for free.

    The ninja idea has become so popular that two other British theaters have adopted the practice.

    Moviegoer Abdul Stagg experienced the ninjas’ behavior firsthand when he talked on his phone in the theater. He told SlashFilm, “The last thing I expected was two completely blacked-out people suddenly appearing by our seats and giving me and my mates a warning to shut up… It certainly made me hang up and shut up for the rest of the film.”

    The idea came from Morphsuits co-founder Gregor Lawson, who was tired of rude moviegoers: “I’m a big fan of going to the cinema, but there’s an unspoken code of conduct when you’re watching a movie that some people just don’t understand.”

    The Prince Charles Cinema joins theaters like the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in the United States in implementing unorthodox but effective methods of controlling impolite patrons. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before “cinema ninjas” become commonplace.