Liz Phair to Appear in Banana Republic Ads

    We wish we were surprised. Liz Phair, who you respected 15 years ago, is selling out — er, again — this spring and summer as one of the faces of Banana Republic’s "City Stories" campaign, alongside treadmill jockeys OK Go and "Love Song" chanteuse Sara Bareilles. (You remember them from an iPod commercial and a Rhapsody commercial, respectively.)


     It may not be a bad marketing scheme, actually, just a depressing one. Fans of Phair who were 20 during her heyday are now 35 — they’re hitting the peak chino-buying years. We’re not saying Banana Republic and indie rock can’t peacefully coexist, but they might do better to stick with indie-rock girlfriends… like socialite Jessica Joffe, who was dating Ryan Adams during her stint as a model for the company. [Pitchfork]