Liz Phair Releases New Song to Banana Republic Compilation

    Liz Phair has released a song exclusively to a Banana Republic compilation, completely dancing on the grave of her former indie rock fame (although, you could argue she’s been doing that for close to 15 years). Phair has already appeared in an ad for Banana Republic, which is trying to run some random thread through the “City Stories” of Phair, Dashboard Confessional and that band that ran on treadmills a few years ago, and her new song “Faith & Tenderness” appears exclusively on Banana Republic’s City Stories Vol. 2, which you can pick up with your over priced cargo shorts.


    Since I don’t live close to a Banana Republic, I haven’t heard the track, but Pitchfork has, and they say it’s awful. Given that most of Phair’s recent output has been of varied degrees of terrible, I’m betting that’s probably a pretty fair assessment.


    The song is also going to be included on a new Phair album that is not even in production yet. So make of that what you will. [Pitchfork]