Liz Phair disses label presidents who killed her career

    It’s been said before that corporate executives rise to the top of the business ladder as a means of compensating for personality flaws. Most recently, for instance, it was said by the queen of early ’90s alternative rock. With the rerelease of Exile in Guyville on the horizon, Liz Phair has been hitting the interview circuit. It began with a hilarious interview with Village Voice writer Rob Trucks, and in an interview with J. Edward Keyes at Emusic, Phair held nothing back about record label presidents:

    God it’s amazing who the fuck they hire to be presidents of major labels. I’ll never understand. I’ve met so many shitty presidents of record labels. How these assholes get promoted to the level that they reach… If I had fucking three million dollars a year to spend on someone, I think I’d fucking pick someone a lot better than that. Someone that had some leadership, or maybe some wisdom? I mean, God, what happened to leaders? Where did they go? What is with the dysfunction in seats of power? How do they get there? I was talking about this with my mom, and what we came up with is that they’re willing to do stuff other people aren’t. They are willing to stab in the back, or they don’t have particularly healthy personal lives. So they rise and rise because people who want to protect what they have tend to step out of the way when they see people like this.

    Keep in mind this was the sore point of the Trucker interview.  When he confronted Phair over her dissappointing post-Guyville career, she lamented, "I haven’t been able to be the orchestrator of my own career for a while." Some may put the blame on Phair for letting label heads convert her from a indie rock goddess to an adult alternative snoozefest, but to be fair, anyone who thought that was a good idea has no business earing three million dollars a year. [Daily Swarm]