Live Nation CEO ‘Optimistic About 2012’

    Live Nation CEO and President Michael Rapino is optimistic about the coming year after already seeing an increase in ticket sales and booked shows. According to HypeBot, he’s got good reason to expect big things in 2012. In addition to rumors of a Rolling Stones tour this year, he let it slip that Madonna will be touring in the coming months. Here’s a direct quote:

    “At this point we’re optimistic about 2012,” Rapino told the Times. “Madonna’s going on the road, and those tickets will go on sale right after the Super Bowl. If you have one or two of those giant tours, it keeps the industry level where you want it.”

    Makes sense to us. I mean, when you also consider the other big tours, including Roger Waters’, and all the recent reunions, this year should be great for live music sales.