Little Brother finish The Getback, confirm track with Lil’ Wayne

    The North Carolina team of Phonte and Pooh have completed their next album The Getback. In an interview with TSS, Little Brother discussed the album and confirmed a guest spot from Lil’ Wayne along with production from Nottz, Illmind and Chrysis.

    TSS: How close is the album to being done?
    Phonte: Finished.
    Pooh: 100% Done
    Phonte: Man, it”’s been the hardest album I”’ve ever worked on. I”’m just glad its over.
    TSS: Who do you have producing on the album?
    Phonte: Nottz, Illmind, Khrysis”¦
    Pooh: A couple other surprises. You know that”’s all we got left.
    TSS: Well I was going to ask what surprises do you have for the fans?
    Phonte: Well of course, we kept it at home with our core group of producers, but the big internet news was that Lil”’ Wayne was on the album, and that”’s true. We”’re confirming that Lil”’ Wayne is on the album. We reached out to him and he turned it around in two days, on tour nahmean. Like he was much more professional than a lot of ””real hip hop niggas”” straight up and down.

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