Little Boots Reveals Hands Artwork

    Little Boots is currently in L.A. filming the video for her latest single “New In Town (if you haven’t already checked out the fantastic Golden Filter mix, you really should.) Asides from saying on her Myspace that being in L.A. has a tendency to make her feel “weirded out,” Miss Hesketh has also announced the unveiling of the album artwork for her forthcoming debut, Hands


    Speaking about the Pink Floyd-esque triangle on the cover, Hesketh told the NME, “It’s not Pink Floyd-inspired although I used to be a big fan, it’s kind of inspired by old Italo covers like Patrick Cowley and Amanda Lear that have lots of space and fantasy themes that have run through my artwork from the start.”

    Hands is set for release by Atlantic on June 2. [NME]