Listen: Tyler, The Recreator’s Remixes Andre 3000 And The Weeknd

    Tyler, The Recreator’s cleverness isn’t limited to his remixing feats and choice of mashup songs. This is a dude who picked his own DJ name by essentially remixing Tyler, The Creator’s name. He may look like a suburban prom attendee in his Soundcloud photo (if that’s indeed him), but he’s got chops.

    And “The Ride,” which blends Andre 3000’s verse from UGK’s “International Players” and The Weeknd’s crooning on “Ride,” is a deep and moody mashup, all underwater drums and warped backup vocals. Listen below, and check out his other mashups — he’s screwed around with beats and verses from others, including Wale, Kanye West and Pusha T. [Beats Per Minute]