Listen To Yasiin Gaye “Anna’s Love Song” (Soul Mates Remix)

    Amerigo Gazaway, the producer also known as Yasiin Gaye is back with another thrilling time warping soul mix. This time he takes on Anna Gordy Gaye’s “Anna’s Love Song.” The vocalist was the older sister of Berry Gordy who founded Motown Records and also happened to be highly involved in Marvin Gaye’s life. The song is a mix of Marvin Gaye’s “Anna’s Song” and Mos Def’s “Love.” Together, they brilliantly combine for a fantastic trip back in time when soul music had soul.

    Read what Gazaway stated about his dedication:

    “Anna Gordy Gaye played an enormous role in Marvin’s life and inspired some of his greatest music. And while their relationship may have been a troubled one, it still remains one of the most important love stories of our time. This song is dedicated to their story and to the memory of Anna Gordy Gaye.” –Amerigo Gazaway

    The track will be appearing on his upcoming Soul Mates series.

    Stream the brand new track below: