Listen to Will.I.Am’s Collab W. K-Pop’s 2NE1 On “Gettin’ Dumb”

    The K-pop ladies 2NE1 have been working with one of pop’s biggest producers for the last few years and there’s been a lot of anticipation as to when their American English album would see the streets. So although there still hasn’t been anything set in stone for the ladies, a track they’ve collaborated on with Will.I.Am has finally been unleashed.

    Featured on Will.I.Am’s upcoming album #willpower, the track “Getting Dumb” is a sort of a combination between Calvin Harris’ “For The Weekend” and Nicki Minaj. Park Bom from 2NE1 takes on most of the vocal duties during the chorus and CL does her best Nicki Minaj impersonation during the rap parts. There’s a lot of booming bass that drops in the track as well as some house-esque features that makes it want to be a big club banger.

    Will.I.Am’s #willpower is out today.

    Listen to the collaboration between American pop and K-pop below:

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