Listen To WHY?’s New Track “Strawberry” From Forthcoming LP

    Last we heard of WHY? was in 2009 when singer, Jonathan “Yoni” Wolf, made what he refers to as his “least hip hop album,” Eskimo Snow. For his forthcoming and fifth LP, Mumps, Etc., Yoni is back to rapping (sometimes) delicately balancing his blend of hip hop and indie rock. In this case, “Strawberry” is one of the piano rock tracks on the album that leans towards Yoni’s depressive side lyrically. Although Mumps, Etc. is an account of a period in 2008 when Yoni and his brother, Josiah (drummer), contracted mumps amidst a European tour, the illness did not hinder the progression of their music.

    “Strawberry” is characterized by a pinching beat with sparkling keys, whistling, and xylophone trills. Yoni glumly reflects, “the shit I said to high school counselors haunts me” and imagines smoking weed while listening to Garrison Keillor when he quits his rap career. Mumps, Etc. releases on Oct. 9 via Anticon Records.