Listen To Unreleased Kanye West Track, “The Dream”

    The Fifa World Cup begins on June 12, and that means many large companies have started their marketing campaigns to go along with it. Today (May 24), Adidas released a new ad that features soccer stars like Lionel Messi, Dani Alves and Bastian Schweinsteiger, as well as a previously unheard track by Kanye West as the commercials soundtrack.

    The song seems to clearly be from the Yeezus era, and features thumping percussion and Kanye rapping “you see sharks in the water/you don’t see murder like this this often,” before repeatedly saying “God level.” The track is called “The Dream,” and can be streamed hereRick Rubin has said that the Yeezus sessions brought enough songs for another album, though nothing has been confirmed. The tracks theme fits well with the campaigns slogan, “All in or nothing.”

    West recently signed a deal with Adidas, and though he said that some new products would be available in June, it seems that September is more likely. Until then, watch the commercial below and stream “The Dream” via the link above.