Listen To Two Unreleased Noel Gallagher Songs

    Recently, ex-Oasis man and current High Flying Bird Noel Gallagher soundchecked two unreleased songs at a show. Now, those soundchecks have surfaced online, which you can listen to below.

    The first one, titled “God Help Us All,” may date back to his Oasis days. Gallagher told NME that he has “little bits of songs knocking around that I have managed to finish off as I’m not in the band anymore.” He intends to release the track along with the unreleased “Revolution Song” later this year.

    Also, he revealed the especially bouyant “It Makes Me Wanna Cry,” sounding not unlike “Wonderwall.” Perhaps the song is an ode to his beloved Manchester City winning this year’s Premier League title. Check both songs out below.