Listen To Two Leaked Lana Del Rey Tracks, “Dynamite” And “Noir”

    Lana Del Rey‘s “leaked” songs are like the musical equivalent of Christmas Day: there are a lot of presents under the tree but you know at least 75% of them are just socks. The latest batch of early tracks emit the slightly disappointing/awkward/terrifying feeling of receiving a pair of socks that play “Jingle Bells” when you walk in them (a sad, Lynchian version of “Jingle Bells” that believes in the country America used to be).

    No doubt about it, these rough demos (emphasis on ‘rough’) have an undeniably Del Rey-styled tramp stamp peeking out from underneath an otherwise boring ensemble–borderline psychotic lyrics (“Say it’s not over, say it’s not goodnight / Maybe we could go somewhere, start a pillow fight”); questionable use of an “urban” aesthetic (she rap-sings on “Noir”); and of course her trademark pouty voice that realllly kind of self-lobotomizes your brain after prolonged listening.

    Listen to “Dynamite” and “Noir” below. Or, better yet, scrap these two fruitcakes and keep listening to Paradise. [Idolator]