Listen To Thom Yorke Get Candid On Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast

    Marc Maron interviewed Thom Yorke on his award winning WTF podcast, made available for listening today. The 44 year old Radiohead star spoke extensively with Maron at The Mansion, Rick Rubin’s California recording studio, during the recording of the Atoms For Peace debut earlier this year. The discussion touches on a number of topics, from teenage Thom’s over dinner political arguments with his father, to the recording of this year’s Amok album. 

    Yorke describes his time in California as “a nice get away from the Tory party tearing Britain to pieces”. The singer can barely contain his contempt for Britain’s current government, who he criticizes for using the recent economic crisis as “a portal to get through a whole agenda, dismantling the  infrastructure.” This follows comments Yorke made earlier in the year, when he said that he would “sue the shit” out of Prime Minister David Cameron if the party ever used any of his music without permission.


    Don’t be fooled though, this is Thom in upbeat mood… just don’t mention Spotify. To listen to the interview in full, go to Maron’s WTF website.