Listen To This Week’s Animal Collective Radio + Make Your Own Show

    Last night, Animal Collective debuted week two of their radio program. Their first broadcast was somewhat star-studded and featured new music by Panda Bear, and last night Deakin took the controls. Joining him with sets were Pantha du Prince, Turquoise Wisdom, and the DOODcast crew.

    The show is repeated on a 24-hour loop after each broadcast, so if you missed it last night, be sure to catch the entire thing at the band’s radio website. Following that 24-hour window, each show is then archived via Mixcloud, and you can listen to “Transmission 1” here, with “Transmission 2” coming tomorrow.

    While each member of Animal Collective will create their own show, the band is also encouraging fans to get in on the fun via the “You Mix” feature on the broadcast website. They’re providing a zip file of sounds to get you started, and five fan mixes will be chosen randomly as winners. These winners will receive vinyl test pressings of Animal Collective’s new album Centipede Hz ahead of its September 4 release date. Read the full instructions below.

    1. Create a Mixcloud account (or login if you already have one)
    2. Upload an orignal mix of music. The only rule is that the mix should include at least 8 tracks of your choosing.
    3. Feel free to include some of the Centipede Hz audio samples and IDs provided or create your own using the instructions below . The use of these sounds is not required.
    3. Title the mix whatever you like, but at the end include the following text: Centipede Radio
    4. Tag your mix Animal Collective YouMix. If the mix is not tagged correctly, your mix may be missed.
    5. Add the tracklist for your radio mix and include a description.
    6. Upload your own original artwork or use the image here