Listen To This Jazzed Up Cover Of PSY’s “Gangnam Style”

    If you’ve gotten a little tired of that pulsing electro beat the moment you hear PSY’s “Gangnam Style” then you may want to hear a reworked version. Maybe you’d want to hear something a little refreshing to the ears. Because you have to admit that the song won’t be leaving your life anytime soon.

    Ra-On a UC Berkeley Korean rock band took PSY’s glamorous take on the lavish lifestyle in Gangnam, South Korea and tuned it down a bit and made it much more palatable for those just wanting to take it easy. It’s given a slight bossa nova and tropicalia twist. Elle Kim’s vocals are strong and sweet and duet partner Jaydee Min follows her lead just right.

    The song coincidentally fits perfectly in that café setting. And in South Korea, there are a slew of cafes that you’d see endlessly painting the city streets.

    Watch Ra-On’s cover below and let us know if this cover gets your “Gangnam Style” love approval.