Listen To The New Single “Think/Feel” From Beat Connection And Get A Free Mixtape From The Band

    The boys of Beat Connection want to share a very special mixtape with you (someone must have a crush), and all you have to do is Like the band on Facebook in order to get access to the free download entitled The Garden of Forking Paths. The compilation is a collection of unreleased material, demos and outtakes as well as solo compositions from all four members of Beat Connection.

    A complement to the upcoming album The Palace Garden which was released via Tender Age on Aug. 6, the mix is an amalgam of thriving beats, sensations, hazy guitar and even birdsong. Which makes Garden of Forking Paths an apt title – this is a beautiful soundscape to get lost in. If these are the B-sides, then just imagine the forthcoming album.

    While you’re waiting for the mixtape to download, check out the latest single from The Palace Garden “Think/Feel (F. Chelsey Scheffe)” below. The track is like being immersed in a warm wash of synth, and Scheffe’s hook “I feel too little and think too much” inspires the opposite reaction – I dare you not to dance. Then be sure to stick around for “Of Showers,” a song that seeps in and keeps a tight hold.