Listen To The New (MF) Doom Track “Doomsayer” Remixed By Young Guru

    It seems Christmas has come a few days early as a new MF Doom track has popped up out of nowhere*. In typical Doom fashion, little is known about the track and it could just be a song that was unearthed today versus new material. Regardless, it’s new Doom and it’s amazing. 

    Over a dusty beat, he breaks things down again and again with his signature wordplay. Interestingly the track is titled as a remix by the Roc’s Young Guru, which leads to two questions:

    1) What happened to the original version of the song?

    2) Are there more collaborations between Doom and Young Guru?

    Listen to “Doomsayer” below and let us know how you feel about the track in the comments below.  [Rappcats]

    *Correction. It seems the track was first released on Doom’s Facebook page.


    Bonus: Watch Young Guru discuss his Doom and Just Blaze. “Doom is like pure hip-hop…I think Mm..Food is an underrated hip-hop classic.”