Listen To The Flaming Lips/Neon Indian Collab: “Is David Bowie Dying?”

    If you don’t currently reside in either Dallas or Okahoma City, chances are you missed out on buying the Flaming Lips/Neon Indian collaboration single that was sold in record stores in those two cities this week. Only 1,000 copies of the EP were made, and all are already sold out, but here comes a chance to hear the lead track, “Is David Bowie Dying?” This continues in the vein of the darker material that was scattered throughout the Flaming Lips’ last album, Embryonic. It’s not immediately apparent what Alan Palomo brought to the table, but maybe the other tracks on the EP, one of which is titled “Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth Part 2,” will reveal more. Check out “Is David Bowie Dying?” in the clip below, via OneThirtyBPM


    Flaming Lips & Neon Indian – “Is David Bowie Dying?” by One Thirty BPM