Listen To The First Song Recorded Aboard The International Space Station

    How did you spend your holidays? Visited family? That’s nice. Cooked a ham? Cool. Tried out your new iPad Mini? Fascinating. Recorded an original Christmas song in outer space? No? Well, that’s okay. I’m sure your parents really loved that copy of Emeril’s Kicked-Up Sandwiches: Stacked with Flavor you bought from your neighbor after accidentally spending all of your gift money on a new iPad Mini for yourself. You know what would’ve been a better gift, though? Recording an original Christmas song in outer space.

    Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield wins the gift-giving award this year for his ridiculously awesome present to Planet Earth (and beyond). On December 23, Hadfield became the first person to record a song on the International Space Station when he performed a Christmas carol he wrote called “Jewel in the Night.” He also co-wrote a tune with Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies, which the duo will transmit into space this coming year. The song, aptly titled “I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing),” will utilize a new infrastructure that allows a piece of music to travel at least 600 kilometers. Robertson, Hadfield, and a choir of school children will all participate in the song’s intergalactic premiere. Science!

    Stream “Jewel in the Night” below.