Listen To The Dream’s “High Art” F. Jay-Z (Stream)

    The-Dream’s highly anticipated fifth album IV Play is almost out. There are a lot of wet ears waiting for the rnb killer’s comeback. We heard it with “Slow Down” which featured Fabolous and “IV Play.” And with collaborations being a thing these days, we get to hear his biggest collaboration which features Jay Z in the single “High Art.” 

    In the track, all he simply wants to is “make love to my girl” while a slow beat bounces in the background. Eventually Jay Z gets in some of his thoughts on the game of love and getting high as well. 

    His new album IV Play will be out on May 28, 2013. Get ready for many other collaborations with artists including Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Big Sean, and many others.

    Listen to the slow jam below:

    [Hip Hop Wired]