Listen To Sam Smith ‘In The Lonely Hour’ (Full Album Stream)

    Sam Smith’s voice has been heard worldwide ever since his collaboration with Disclosure took off in the electronic dance scene. The track “Latch” made good use of his soulful vocals as they fluttered over the bubbling disco beats. And since then his own tracks such as “Stay With Me,” “Lay Me Down,” and “Money On My Mind” has showcased his eclectic skills. From down tempo tones to falsettos, the 22-year-old Smith truly displayed that he has a range that most contemporaries of his age has yet to master. And that in every song so far heard from his debut album, he’s also capable of injecting an array of emotions into his songs.

    The Brit’s debut album In The Lonely Hour is currently not available in the United States until June 17, 2014. But in collaboration with NPR, they have shared a full stream of his album. You can listen to it here.