Listen To R. Kelly’s Tribute To Sandy Hook Victims

    R. Kelly has made many, many, many, many mistakes during his career and personal life, but let’s not forget he’s also responsible for gifting the world one of the most unpretentiously uplifting songs of all time; even cynics have to agree that “I Believe I Can Fly” just kind of makes you feel good (and strangely weightless).

    As the students of Sandy Hook Elementary try to piece their lives back together in the wake of last month’s tragedy, R. Kelly offers his sympathies the best way he knows how: by recording a sappy–but completely earnest–ballad, featuring a children’s choir and some very smooth 90s-centric beats. “I Know You’re Hurting (Tribute to the Newtown, CT Kids)” is available for download via iTunes and Amazon, with all proceeds going to the victims’ families. Stream the song below.