Listen To New Soundgarden Track “Non-State Actor” Off ‘King Animal’

    What up 2012! It’s 90s Soundgarden and we’re back to ROCK YOUR FACE OFF AGAIN. Assuming you still have a face to be rocked off after we rocked it off the last time we rocked (in 1996). That’s right, “alt-rock” kids, Soundgarden is back (and with a shocking surfeit of head hair for a group of middle-aged men).

    News of the band’s reunion came in 2010, with the announcement of a new album (their first since 1996’s Down on the Upside) in early 2011, and the first single off the album (“Been Away Too Long“) just this past September. Now, with only a couple weeks until the Nov. 13 release date, the band revealed the second single off King Animal, along with exclusive “behind the track” commentary from Kim Thayil and Ben Shepherd. “Non-State Actor” doesn’t exactly reinvent the Soundgarden sound, but Cornell and co. can still pack a mighty wallop when they want to (although, one slightly disgruntled fan commenter described the new sound as too “happy”).

    “Non-State Actor”

    “Non-State Actor” Commentary