Listen To New Prince Song “RNR Affair” And Watch Him On ‘The View’

    For all we know, Prince has been holed up in some underground lair deep in the Minnesota woods concocting his next move. He’s become famously reticent in recent years, shunning the internet and much modern technology for “[filling] your head with numbers.”

    But all of a sudden he emerges. He’s got a new song called “RNR Affair,” which debuted in Chicago on iHeart Radio, presumably because he has a string of dates at Chicago’s United Center (September 24-26). It’s a definite throwback, slyly mixing R&B and funk with Prince’s imititable melodic sense.

    He also weirdly appeared on The View and answered softball after softball. The interview is incredibly uncomfortable, as is Prince’s M.O., but he does get to talk about his charity Rebuild The Dream. Listen and watch below. [CoS]

    “RNR Affair”