Listen To Mount Kimbie’s “Blood And Form”


    Seeing bands evolve from their bedroom project sensibilities into burgeoning studio producers is a stage that many artists go through- including Mount Kimbie. While they may have still been confined to dance music moniker with Crooks and Lovers, Mount Kimbie are now incorporating new sounds and instruments with their anticipated followup album out May 28, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth.


    Following the release of their single “Made To Stray,” off their anticipated release, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, Mount Kimbie has released another single titled “Blood and Form.”


    Eclipsed by an obscure haze, the vocals are distant and timid, coaxing the syncopated synth stabs, and erratic ADHD melodies. Beneath the calm soundscape lies liquid chords and a crisp but subtle white noise that coalesce into a hazy amniotic ocean. In fleeting moments, the vocals quickly resonate, only to be beaten down by the constant pang of a snare. Listen to the song below.