Listen To Miguel “Bennie And The Jets” F. Wale (Elton John Cover) (Stream)

    Can you believe it’s been 40 years since Elton John’s “Benne and The Jets” has come out? Well, the classic is soon going to be rereleased mastered. But in addition to the reissue of the album it’s on, a cover of the track by Miguel and Wale will also be featured on it. The cover charmingly still contains all of the fun pop and even subtle psych sounds but instead is sung by the budding R&B star Miguel. He does a great job of translating the classic for modern times. And adding on to the modernization of the track, Wale drops few verses in the new interpretation.

    The track will be available on the 40th Anniversary release of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. It will also be released in all formats with a limited edition yellow vinyl box set that will have a handful of unreleased exclusives.

    Stream the track below: