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Listen To Jarvis Cocker As The Voice Of French Disco

I'm of the opinion that any Jarvis Cocker is good Jarvis Cocker, but why won't this man get off his duff and make a proper album? Instead of delivering the urbane, spectacled record that we all desire, Cocker is bouncing around to various projects, including fronting "Synchronize" by French dance group Discodeine. Is making singles with a group whose name is a play on the main ingredient for Purple Drank any way for a proper English gentleman to behave? I think not. Jarvis, please retire to your country estate and emerge with a record about the repressed longings of the underclass. Until then, I guess it's French disco. [Pitchfork]


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Jarvis Cocker

Eh! I like Synchronize. It was part of Aeroplane (or ex-Aeroplane) mixtape and that track was my fave part. I like Jarvis the sexy crooner not the political curmudgeon or the sexually repressed guy.


exactly, christina! :) it's an amazing track -- though i'm a fan of some pulp stuff, i actually much prefer his vocals here -- hoping he continues to work with discodeine on more stuff (or, even better, for some live gigs)

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We'll just have to disagree, though I stand by my opinion that any Jarvis is good Jarvis.

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