Listen To Imagene Peise’ AKA The Flaming Lips’ “Kindness Song (At Christmas)”

    Merry weird Christmas from Wayne Coyne! The true story behind this relatively tame yuletide psychedelia (let’s be honest, Coyne could’ve easily created a chorus of extraterrestrial altar boys singing Christian hymns in Goa’uld), is far less interesting than the fictional story, which credits a Middle Eastern jazz pianist named “Imagene Peise” as the album’s mysterious composer. Here’s an excerpt:

    In a world full of mysterious and timely entities, no one could be more exotic or more relevant. Imagene Peise is believed to have lived for a short time in Tikrit, Iraq. Her exact birthday is unknown. She is rumored to be just 18 at the time of this recording. Her extraordinary talent as a master jazz pianist at such a young age should, alone, put her in the realm of the stellar.

    Available here for the first time Ms. Peise’s Atlas Eets Christmas is a strange and beautiful experience. Little is known of her musical and recording life. Most of what is known is shrouded in clouds of legend and smoke of myth. But what is clear is her expressive playing and her unique arrangements.

    If you really want the facts, Ebenezer, there’s a brief description of the project available with the full album stream. (Hint: say her name out loud.) The fake bio is posted in its entirety here; you can also stream Atlas Eets Christmas via the official website. Listen to the latest track, “Kindness Song (at Christmas),” below (via Future Heart):