Listen to Iggy Pop and Bethany Cosentino’s ‘True Blood’ Collab “Let’s Boot And Rally”

    This Sunday, the True Blood episode titled “Boot And Rally” will air on HBO, featuring a musical (as opposed to vampirical) collaboration between Iggy Pop and Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino. Their song “Let’s Boot And Rally” was co-written by the show’s music supervisor (and KCRW DJ) Gary Calamar and James Combs, and you can now stream it at KCRW’s music blog.

    Says Calamar, “Each episode is named after a song that is used in that show. We had a situation where we had an episode called “Boot and Rally” but we really didn’t have a song that was True Bloody enough to use…As many songwriters say, “the song just wrote itself”, “I was just a vessel”. That’s what happened, kinda.”

    “Iggy Pop’s people” had previously reached out stating that he was a big fan of the show. Concurrently, Calamar was a big fan of Best Coast’s “The Only Place,” and putting the two together made logical, bloody sense. The song’s a nice twist of old and new, with some “delicious” vampire-themed lyrics. Take a listen over at KCRW.