Listen To Gold Panda’s Remix Of “I Tried So Hard” By Night Works

    Gold Panda has already shown he knows a thing or two about the power of minimalism, but here’s more evidence. When the nascent UK cloak-and-dagger outfit Night Works premiered “I Tried So Hard” a few months ago—allegedly a sly teaser for their forthcoming debut album—all they gave us was a looping piano lament, a muted sprinkling of funky bass, and a regret: “I tried so hard not to care.” The original track doesn’t work hard for your attention, but its a reminder that reticence can have its own emotional pop.

    A quietly stirring track that could use an adrenaline boost, you say? Where’s the remix, you ask? Here it is. Gold Panda has shirred this one, sliced and diced it and soldered it back together into a glitchily stuttering version of its former self, and somehow preserved the original track’s shimmering stoicism.

    Here’s the original, for comparison: